Maker Faire started in the Bay Area in 2006, created by the editors of Make: magazine.  It has since grown into a significant worldwide network of both flagship and independently-produced events.  The two biggest ones are still Bay Area, and World Maker Faire in New York City. Members of our team have exhibited at both as well as many other Maker Faire’s including Detroit, Asheville, Pittsburgh (of course) and more!


From the moment we stepped into our first Faire we knew we had found our home.  A lot of us have grown up makers, toiling endlessly in our basements, and garages, and classrooms, and labs – spending countless hours and dollars chasing nothing more than knowledge and fun. Over time we have found kinship online and in small groups, but the past decade has brought a groundswell in the rise of Makerspaces, Hackerspaces, and of course Maker Faire.  Some folks have hamfests, some have comic-con, and we have the Faire. Our time every year to boldly and proudly share what we’ve made and what we’ve learned, and help others to leapfrog ahead in their journey.


Makerspaces are more than just a tool shop. They are a community, and a physical tangible one where people can meet and network and get hands on, face to face and work together to forge ahead. We often find that this helps keep the fire alive and can bring some extra excitement that can’t be found lurking in online forums all the time. Maker Faire is a place that helps all makers, come together, share and grow, so those still feeling stuck in a home shop can meet and expand and find out about the huge networks around them.  It’s also a way for those who want to see whats being done in their community can come and find out about all of the awesome projects and resources at your fingertips.  Need jewelry designed? Find the designer! Need furniture? Find a woodworker. Need an app? Find the perfect person, and the perfect platform. All within a stones throw of you.


When you see the power of bringing everyone together so they can meet, and talk, and interact face to face, and see screen names melt away and turn into smiling faces, that is Maker Faire.


Come, walk the halls, see the projects, and light the fire of your next adventure.